Mistress Mao visited OWK in August 2009

I was in OWK in August 2009, and had a great time!  It was one of my best trips ever!   And me and Mistress Hibiki made the first OWK videos with Japanese Mistresses! You find some pictures here!  

The latest hot news from OWK is the film with me,  called "Breakfast for Mistress Mao". The first OWK video with a japanese Mistress! That film is great, buy a membership and watch it! That is all I can recommend for now.

Super going, visiting Prague city. I liked the Czech medicinal herb liquor 'Becherovka'. The seasoning and the like of 100 spices having used, and it is appealing. I bought a bottle to take home. The following day was the trip to OWK, so shopping was enjoyable. We saw a lot in Prague, and I bought a nice latex dress in the fetish shop.

No further travel plans, at the moment.